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Who we are

We believe that by bringing talent together and combining their strengths and knowledge, we can foster innovation and positively impact our communities and society at large. HUTAC is an international network of 600+ outstanding young professionals from 30+ countries and 50+ areas of expertise. We started in 2008 as an association of Dutch and international students who were awarded the prestigious Huygens scholarship for academic excellence to study abroad, expand our outlook and make a difference in the world. The scholarship was provided by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and facilitated by Nuffic. 

Seeing the great potential of bringing exceptional individuals together, we now offer a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and personal and professional growth to all young professionals seeking career and personal success. We do so both online through our blog and Member Centre as well as through workshops and conferences where we invite truly inspiring speakers. While the Member Centre is exclusively open to the scholarship recipients, our events welcome all individuals aiming for excellence. You can also drop us an email if you’d like to contribute to our blog. 

Our story

In 2008, a group of enthusiastic recipients of the Huygens scholarship (HSP) came up with the idea to establish an association that would provide their fellow HSP students and alumni with a knowledge exchange and networking platform. Nuffic recognised the need for such a platform and kindly supported its creation. Thus, in 2009, HUTAC was successfully founded. Since then it has brought together students and young professionals through various conferences and events and has reinforced the prestige of the Huygens Scholarship in the Dutch society. Being a multicultural and interdisciplinary association, HUTAC serves as a network to further develop knowledge and skills, both professionally and personally.