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Being a HUTAC member is bound to provide you with life-long benefits. If you were awarded the Huygens scholarship (HSP) or are pursuing academic/career excellence, join us now for free and get the opportunity to further develop both professionally and personally and meet countless talented people from a wide range of fields and all corners of the world.

Being part of HUTAC – such a diverse and unique circle of smart and fun people – is most interesting, fun and rewarding. HUTAC has become an important component of my life – one fellow HUTACer introduced me to my current job. In addition, the years volunteering for HUTAC have significantly helped me develop my personal and professional skills. Being a HUTACer has become an identify in itself – it has significantly changed my life and I believe it will continue to do so in the future.

Ruihua (Zack) Lu, HUTAC member & former leader
Ruihua (Zack) Lu



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