Sleep better, do better

Katerina Nikolakopoulou
19 May 2018
Location to be confirmed

Wondering how you can feel more rested and productive throughout the day? Want to lower your stress levels and focus on what matters most? Prioritising sleep can help you, but first you need to know how to do it. Join this informative and interactive workshop with Katerina Nikolakopoulou, psychologist and lecturer specialised in sleep, and learn how you can improve your everyday performance and levels of satisfaction through better sleep.

You will receive practical advice on how you can improve your sleep and why this can help you lower your stress levels. Topics will include:

  • How sleep works in our brain
  • Scientific evidence regarding the importance of sleep and sleep hygiene
  • Questions that will help you identify if you have a sleep-related problem
  • Tips and tricks to help you sleep better
  • Introduction to relaxation techniques and other tools that will help you sleep better and improve the quality of your life.

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